It's Christmas Morning

I’m not going to lie, we had been talking “forever”…. Forever. We knew.

It’s 5am, June 30th, our first morning on North Haven, summer of 2017. Eric says in a whisper  “Abby…” I prop my head up. “It’s Christmas morning… wake up…” This man is never this excited, this early.

I’m thinking Christmas?! How long have I been sleeping?!!! I knew something was up (or he had lost his mind), so I put my clothes on with a smile (I am a morning person but this is early for vacation!). He tells me we are going to God’s Beach. This beach holds incredible meaning for me, sacred in a way… hmmmm…

It’s drizzling, we hide under our raincoats from the water and the seagull sized mosquitos, trudging through thigh high grass, feet soaked to the bone by the time we hit the beach. When we reached the shore, the clouds parted, the mosquitos took a hike and the sun arrived.

Last year, we had built a small arch on the cliff of God’s Beach. Through the winter it had fallen, however the stones were still gathered. Eric says, “let’s rebuild the arch.” We got to work on the arch, employing “teamwork,” a life lesson my fiance is still teaching me. When finished, he tells me to go look for a cool rock to put on the top. Well, truth be told, he had the cool rock.

I go down on the beach thinking, oh shit (sorry, it was what I was thinking) is this it? Holy CRAP! Is this about to happen?!! I turned, saw the box on top of the arch and through the rocks in my hand. He got on one knee and… I told him I was having an out of body experience so he had to hold on. Okay… “Are you ready?” He asks. Okay I was ready! “Abigail Marie Carpenter, will you be my wife?”


While he slipped the ring on my finger he says “this is your Grandmother’s ring.”  WHAT?! “Remember when I went to Sacramento a month ago?” I did.  “I actually flew to Maine to ask for your grandmother’s permission, as I would have from your father.” Eric didn’t tell her he was coming but called her two hours before, then took her to dinner. In the morning, Grandma Glenice gave him this ring to give to me. Say hi to Grandma when you see her at the wedding!

Eric exceeded my expectation of what an engagement could be.