We found love in (seemingly) hopeless places.

Los Angeles and Tinder.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tinder, it’s a dating app, one that has gained legitimacy but had a rough reputation for a while!

My friend Megan Titus (Bridesmaid! Thank you Megan!) was tired of me doggin’ Tinder, so she dared me to join and go on a few dates. So, I did. I like to imagine Eric and I had many close calls in meeting that just didn’t pan out so finally the universe decided, FINE! TINDER! I swiped right because Eric was hot (duh) and he did the same arched eyebrow move that I do, that now our children will be cursed with also.

Eric was “just looking for me,” (on Tinder) he says. He put a ring on it, so it’s hard not to believe him.

Eric is not one for lolly gaggin’ around so he asked me on our first date rather quickly. Even though he was moving to Sacramento in three days and I was headed to New Orleans for work for over a month, we had our first date at Open Air Kitchen in West Hollywood. I almost cancelled, he almost cancelled. I was sitting at the bar, he walked in, he scanned the room as I scanned him. Tall – check. Then came those blue eyes. Even when he told me he owned a haunted theme park and I thought maybe he was going to wear me as a skin suit, we made plans for another date the following evening.

A little over a month later, I invited him to visit me in LA for Memorial Day weekend 2015. He showed up at the door with a bag and he’s been doing that ever since.