Getting There

You’re coming to Maine! How exciting!

For many of you, it will take a car, plane, car, ferry (or a mini flight) to get to North Haven. So we are going to talk about this in three parts:

First, choosing your flight! – Step 1:

Airports: Portland, Maine (PWM) OR Boston, Massachusetts (BOS) are your best airports to fly into.

From California: If you’re able, we suggest taking a red eye. I know! Grab your eye mask, a mini bottle of wine and sleep your way across the States. Reason being, you want to make it on island on one of the three ferries on your first day!

Landing in the morning allows you to pick up your rental car, (a car is quite necessary to get to and around on island) and make it up to Rockland to do your mini grocery shop and get on the ferry. If your flight doesn’t allow for you to make the last boat (it’s at 5:15p and you have to be in line 30 minutes prior to departure) you have to stay in a hotel on the mainland. For some of you that’s no big deal. Maybe spend the night in Boston or Portland and head up the next day!

Getting to Rockland, Maine (for the ferry) – Step 2:

Portland is about 1.5 hours south of Rockland.
Boston is about 4 hours south of Rockland.

  • Summertime is all about the traffic, please add extra time for travel.  You can’t do construction year round in these parts so summer is when all the fun happens!
  • Also build time for some grocery shopping if you’re coming over for a few days. Please see the “What to Bring” for more information on this front.  

Like I said, having a car to move about on Island is important but not necessary ALL the time. So if you’re staying in a house with friends, or have family that is renting a car, or your place is downtown- sharing is totally doable! I often use Dollar or Hertz for rentals as they seem to have great prices. Word to the wise : take the “toll pass” off the windshield or don’t use it! Pay cash in toll lanes. They charge outrageous prices and it’s a pain to get them take off your bill!

If you do not plan on renting a car, there is a bus that runs from Boston and Portland, dropping off right at the ferry terminal in Rockland Maine. Click here for their schedule.

Concord Coach Lines:

OR! You flew into Boston and you don’t want to drive? You can fly on Cape Air from Boston to Rockland Maine!

Cape Air:

Getting over to the Island – Step 3:

Let’s talk the North Haven Ferry. Here is the daily schedule:

Reservations are king! It’s important we do our best to get you a car reservation if you plan to bring a vehicle over on the boat. “Walk on” passengers do not need a reservation. Sadly, when bringing a car, you can’t just roll up and expect to get on the ferry (Especially in summer!). Not to fear, I will help! Once we have your flight chosen and we know what boat you want to take, I will have friends on North Haven help get reservations one month prior to that boat’s departure. If we can’t get one, we go to plan B. There is always a plan B!

So you maybe hate boats? (You may want to try to get over that while in Maine haha!)

If you don’t have a car, or have others from your party that are going to bring the car over on the ferry… you come in by sky! The flight is about 8 minutes but an amazing way to see the Fox Islands (we’ve never done it ourselves! haha!)

Penobscot Air:

For my Locals, I think you know how to get there!

If you are just coming over for the big day (and night!) we will arrange transportation from a central spot, most likely downtown. Hey, you might even get to ride a big yellow school bus!

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