Things To Do

  • Stroll downtown and check out North Haven’s local gift shops.
  • Have a Victor Burger and Ice Cream at the Landing Restaurant!
  • Beach graze looking for frosted glass and treasures all around the island
  • Have really delicious pizza for dinner at Calderwood Hall
  • Have a fancy dinner at Nebo
  • Climb Ames Knob giving you a 360 view of the island
  • Watch a sunset at Tartank Beach
  • Get a tour of the North Haven Oyster Farm
  • Kick back and drink some hand crafted island beer!
  • Like to golf? Come play North Haven’s gorgeous course
  • Go see Doreen at Foggy Meadows farms, buy her amazing sausages, cookies, lamb, and crafts and meet the farm animals!
  • Go meet the local beekeepers and bring home some local honey (or eat it there!)
  • Take a “toot” (a drive all around the island) to check out her awesome views!
  • Picnic on Big Beach at Mullens Head Park
  • Come help the bride and groom set up for the party! Haha!
  • Read a book laying on the dock at Wooster Farm
  • Have cocktails on a porch (there are lots to choose from!)
  • Go fishing on Fresh pond
  • Go kayaking in Bartlett’s Harbor

I could keep going...

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