We haven’t nailed down exact times yet, but here is the tentative outline!

*To share the pictures of your adventure to Maine and the Big Day, please download wedpics! AbbyEricWedding is the event name!*

Monday, August 20th and Tuesday August 21st
Hang out! Stroll downtown’s gift shops, have lunch at the landing, get ice cream, climb Ames Knob, go for a “toot” around the island, explore Mullens Head’s beaches, go for a sail, get a beer at the local brewery and pizza at Calderwood Hall.

Wednesday, August 22nd:
The tent arrives! We will need some helpers to string lights, put up the arbors, set chairs and tables for ceremony and rehearsal dinner.

Thursday, August 23rd:
AM: Wooster Farm
Help us dress up the inside of the barn!

PM: Wooster Farm
Rehearsal walk through & Rehearsal Dinner.

Friday, August 24th – The BIG DAY!
AM: Wooster Farm
Wedding team go! Early morning anyone who wants to help is needed! We have to set the tables, decorate, bar set up (morning cocktails?) hang drapery on arbors, get ice, pick up the kegs, pick flowers… make hay while the sun shines people! Oh the list is long (but you know there will be lists because of who is getting married!) Please let the bride and groom know who is down to help!

We don’t know exactly what time the ceremony will start. We are thinking at this point between 4-5pm. Cocktail hour in the barn will follow the ceremony (as the wedding party takes pictures), wedding party will be announced in the barn, then we will **second line** (we encourage you to google this) over to dinner, cliffside.

Saturday, August 25th – The Aftermath @ Wooster Farm

Hair of the dog! We will be taking to the yard to eat leftovers, drink left over booze (will there be any?) and do a little post party clean up. This will have a rolling arrival time, so, it’s when you get there! We need to take down our decor and lights before the rental company gets to the island Sunday morning to pick up the tables and chairs! But if we band together, we can mostly chill! A blitz cleanup so most of the day is lazing’ about in the yard.

Sunday, August 26th – Departure day!
We know that many of you will be leaving that day. We will see you off down at the ferry as best we can!

* There will be updates to this schedule. Please keep checking back for more info!

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