What To Bring

What to put in that suitcase!

North Haven is an extremely casual island where suitable footwear is required! Think LL Bean and Patagonia. It can be cold at night and on the ferry (bring plenty of layers) and there is weather that rolls in and out (including rain). Please check the weather forecast a few days before.

Please bring a nice casual outfit for the rehearsal dinner and nice /upscale wedding outfit that still allows you to boogie and layer for the evening.

The one other nice outfit you may want to bring is if you want to dine at Nebo Lodge. This is our fancy on island restaurant. Not required, but if you feel so inclined!

The rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the dinner area and the dancing area will ALL BE IN GRASS! No heels! There will be no actual “dance floor” but rest assured there will be a well marked shake your booty area! Please wear sensible shoes as this is an outdoor wedding. Get ready to boogie!

What to pick up on the mainland!

They do NOT sell hard alcohol on island, only beer and wine. You can get cocktails at two of the restaurants (Nebo and Calderwood), however if you want a stash – grab some at Shaws or Hannafords in Rockland.

There are small farmers markets twice a week and two local stores. They have a plethora of fresh vegetables, dairy, eggs, cheese, bread and the normal grocery choices. If you have dietary restrictions / needs, it would be of value to pick up staples on the mainland before getting on the ferry. Shaws and Hannafords both provide a large selection of healthy, natural and gluten free foods- it’s actually really impressive. Also keep in mind that if you are attending the rehearsal dinner, there will be a potluck element so plan for a side dish!

If you have more questions about this, please feel free to contact Abby!

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