Why You Should Come

We know destination weddings are expensive and a commitment. We hope by getting this information out early, it will help our loved ones save and plan!  We should say now, that we completely understand if it’s just not in the cards. We get it, we’ve missed many a wedding and we know you want to be there. You are already forgiven! However, we do want to share with you the reasons why we hope you can come join us on our magical day and why we chose this very magical island (very far away for many!).

North Haven is part of the Fox Islands, thirteen miles off the coast of Central Maine, aka the “mainland.” An island with a year round population of roughly 400, where in the summer, the tally of folks can jump up to 2500. I (Abby) have been coming to this island since I was three weeks old, thanks to my Grandmother Louise (deceased) but mostly my mother Laura. I shared this place with Eric in 2016, and in 2017 we were engaged on this magical rock,  now we want to share it with all of you.

North Haven is amazing for so many reasons, but here you go, I’m going to name a few: the people who live here and the summer people who migrate, the endless views, the fresh lobster (right off the dock), the oyster farm, the local brewery, the lightning bugs, the wild berries, the thick rich salty air, the galaxies of stars above, the local goat sausage (and duck eggs) from Doreen, the local honey, the sailing, the organic sustainable farm, the porches (did I mention the views?!), the dramatic sunsets, the weather (come on Cali people!) including the mysterious fog, the boat rides, the ice cream, the local pizza and the infamous Victor Burger… oh and did I mention you wave at everyone when you pass them on the road? Don’t forget!

Here is a link to the actual wedding location so you can get excited!


We hope you’ll join us so we can share our little slice of borrowed heaven with you! Eric and I politely request that you leave the kiddos at home as this is going to be an adults-only wedding. 

One more thing, if you’re sold and you’re coming – we need to reserve your housing ASAP. Rentals book up a year in advance. We want to make sure we get you a spot!

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